Support Center

Below are answers to the most common issues that customers face. If you have any issue not listed, please email support at

How do I get the PettyGigs App?

The app is available for download on the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. Just search for “pettygigs“.

How can I register on the app?

Registration is simple. We currently have to options to register using Facebook, Google, or Apple. You can also register using your email.

I registered using my email but have not received a verification PIN.

Check your email spam box. We do our best to deliver quality emails to your mailbox but from time to time emails will go to spam. Make sure to add to as “not spam” in order to receive future emails.

I found my PIN but it does not work.

Email PINs last for one hour. If it has been an hour since your PIN was generated, you will have to generate a new PIN.

What account type should I select during onboarding?

It depends. If you are interested in performing gigs to earn money, then register as a Gigger. If you simply want to post gigs for others to perform, then register as a Gig Poster.

Can I register as both a Gigger and a Gig Poster?

Yes. Once you have onboarded as one type of user, you can use the hamburger menu in the upper-left of the screen to register as another type of user.

What do I need before onboarding?

Safety is a priority for our customers, therefore we make reasonable effort to ensure that the platform is safe for everyone. As a Gig Poster, make sure to have a government issued ID handy for verification. Gig Posters have to be 18 or older to post gigs on PettyGigs. Because of this, we have to ensure that Gig Posters meet the age requirement. Giggers have to pass a background check screening conducted via Checkr. Be prepared to provide relevant screening information. If you are a Gigger 17 or younger, you will need the consent of a parent or legal guardian. Be sure to have the name and email of a parent or legal guardian.

How does the parental consent process work?

During onboarding, Giggers 17 or younger must provide the name and email address of a parent or legal guardian. After this information is provided, we send an email to the Gigger’s contact. The email will have instructions for the contact to acknowledge consent for the minor Gigger to use PettyGigs and provide a US governement issued ID for verification. Once we are able to validate the information provided by the consent person, we will clear the minor Gigger for the rest of the onboarding process.

How long do identity verifications take?

We use world-class integration partners for our identity verification and background check screenings. The ID verification process usually takes seconds to complete. Background check screenings could take minutes to complete but could last longer depending on the candidate.

I am a Gig Poster. Do I need to store a payment method?

Yes. We use a contactless payment process for gigs performed, therefore all Gig Posters are required to store a valid US debit or credit card on file.

How do giggers get paid?

We use Stripe to securely process transactions made on PettyGigs. Payouts to Giggers are also made via Stripe. In order to get paid for gigs performed, all Giggers are required to create a Stripe account which is initiated from the Gigger’s profile screen, user the “Funds” tab.

How are stripe accounts handled for younger Giggers?

Anyone 13 or older can have an account on Stripe, however, users under 18 are required to have a person 18 years or older register as the business representative for their accounts (usually a parent or guardian). All Giggers under 18 will have to abide by this policy.

A Gigger never showed up the gig. What do I do as a Gig Poster?

Customer satisfaction is important to us. If a Gigger failed to show up for a gig that they accepted, please email with the gig details. In such instance, we will immediately refund payments made and investigate the incident with the Gigger.

I arrived at gig location but the Gig Poster provided the wrong description.

In situations where Gig Posters improperly described gig, Giggers have the option of canceling the gig or proceeding with performing it. It the gig was bigger than described, the Gigger can file a dispute at the end of the gig. Giggers will also get paid for additional time spent on gigs. For example, if a gig was posted for an hour duration but the Gigger actually spent 2 hours, the Gigger gets paid for the additional time spent.