Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to questions frequently asked by people wanting to know more about PettyGigs. If you need answers to support-related questions, visit our support center or send an email to our support team at support@pettygigs.com

What is Pettygigs?

PettyGigs is a mobile-first peer-to-peer marketplace for short-term tasks and errands. PettyGigs uses AI-powered curated recommendations driven by the user’s profile and preferences to intelligently match requestors (Gig Posters) and screened service providers (Giggers).

Where is PettyGigs Currently Active

We are currently active in the Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. We will gradually become active in more cities.

Who are ideal user of pettygigs

Ideal users of PettyGigs are teens and young adults (Giggers) who are able to flexibly perform common tasks and run errands for busy and elderly neighbors (Gig Posters) for compensation. Giggers can also include skilled adults who need the flexibility of earning extra money in their free time.  

What type of Gigs are performed on Pettygigs?

Just about any type of gigs can be performed on PettyGigs. Anything from handy gigs (furniture setup, TV mounting, plumbing, etc.), to household chores (cleaning, organizing, etc.), to yard work, to recreational gigs (photography, videography, DJ, etc.), to beauty and care gigs (barbing, hair care, etc.), to pet gigs (dog walking, pet sitting, etc.).

Who can post gigs?

Anyone 18 and over, who has been validated via our automated ID verification process can post gigs on PettyGigs.

Who can perform gigs

Anyone 14 or over can perform gigs.

How are giggers vetted

Ensuring the safety of users is our primary concern. Each Gigger 18 or over undergo and must pass a comprehensive background check before using PettyGigs. For Giggers below 18, we require consent from a parent or legal guardian before they are allowed to use the app. A parent or legal guardian providing consent must provide a government-issued identification to verify their name and age.

HOw are giggers protected

During onboarding, our Giggers must read and accept the safety policy. They are also advised to report all safety concerns, including predatory attempts from Gig Posters. All reported incidents will be treated with urgency and undergo serious investigation. If necessary, Gig Posters will be banned from the platform.

IS the app free?

PettyGigs is free to use. We do however require a nonrefundable background check fee from Giggers undergoing background checks to cover the cost. We also charge a small transaction fee from Giggers and Gig Posters each time a gig is performed.