The Company

Our Purpose

PettyGigs’ mission is to democratize entrepreneurship. We seek to financially empower teens and young adults by allowing them the flexibility to earn in their free time, even while attending high school and college. 

Both co-founders experienced firsthand during their college years the difficulty of earning a living while working their way through school. As immigrants, both had a tough journey, often working multiple jobs to pay for the cost of college and other living expenses, without any flexibity of a quality of life.

Our founders seek to ensure that teens and young adults don’t have to be stuck with jobs that don’t allow the flexibility to focus on their studies. We are solving the problem millions face daily, where almost everyone has a small task or errand to get done, but there is no central location to find someone to perform it on one end, and on the other end existing solutions mostly ignore the largest pool of tasks performers – over 50 million teens and young adults.

PettyGigs empowers teens and young adults to be entrepreneurial – earning and putting them on a healthy financial path. We call it, “The American Dream in your pocket”.

The Founding Team

William Ward


alois monger

Alois Monger


Marketing & Operations

blest norris

Blest Norris

Marketing – New England

van monger

Van Monger

Marketing – New Jersey

david ten

David Ten

Social Media Engagement

deddeh gordon

Deddeh Gordon

Marketing – Georgia

deddeh gordon

Toniah Hansford

Marketing Strategy

nicholas perkins

Nicholas Perkins

Customer Success

melvin massaquoi

Melvin Massaquoi

Marketing – North Carolina

armah shiancoe

Armah Shiancoe

Marketing Strategy

emmanuel kei

Emmanuel Kei



sumu cooper

Sumu Cooper

Tech Lead

Konstantin Zhidkovskiy

Backend Developer

aaron apprey

Aaron Apprey

UI / UX Lead

patrice shingu

Patrice Shingu

Tech Strategy

Valeria Aleinikova

Frontend Developer

habby olusesi

Habby Olusesi

Tech Intern