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On-demand help for any task.

PettyGigs provides financial empowerment for teens and young adults (Giggers). Busy adults and elderly neighbors (Gig Posters) get quick and easy access to Giggers ready to perform just about any task (Gig).


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How it Works

Quick. Simple. Safe

Gig Posters get quick access to Giggers who undergo background check screenings and are ready to perform just about any gig. All transactions are handled inside the app without physical money exchange.

  • 9A Gig Poster posts a gig with hourly rate offer
  • 9Giggers get notified
  • 9A Gigger accepts or counteroffers
  • 9Gig Poster accepts and connects to Gigger
  • 9Gigger shows up and performs gig
  • 9Gigger gets paid inside the app
  • 9Gigger and Gig Poster rate and review each other

Ideal Users

PettyGigs financially empowers teens and young adults by allowing them to perform gigs in their free time. It saves busy professionals time and provides the elderly help with needed assistance.

Teens & Young Adults

High school and college students can use PettyGigs to earn extra cash or save for a purpose.

Busy Professionals

Busy professionals can get back to their busy routines and leave the mundane tasks to Giggers.

Elderly Neighbors

Elderly people can use PettyGigs to get quick help around the home with things that they cannot physically do.

Get the app!!

The PettyGigs app is now available for download on the Apple iTunes and Google Play Stores.

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